Helping Hundreds Of Clients
Live Stronger & Healthier Lives



Selina Hinojosa, a Corpus Christi native, has helped hundreds of clients live stronger and healthier lives. With over 22 years experience as a Master Fitness Professional with ISSA, Selina has gained the respect and recognition of her clients, peers, and medical professionals.

LIFT by Selina was founded in 2016 in Selina’s own backyard as a way to provide fitness boot camps for her beloved Corpus Christi community. Since then, LIFT by Selina has evolved into a private Medical Exercise & fitness center.

Clients at LIFT by Selina trust her knowledge and expertise in developing successful exercise programs to help manage medical conditions or to help her clients reach their fitness goals. It’s also a place where clients can feel comfortable and supported.

Selina is under the instruction and mentorship of Dr. Michael K. Jones PhD., founder of Medical Exercise Training Institute in Katy, TX where Selina completed her training in Advanced Medical Exercise Training.

Meet Corpus Christi's Medical exercise specialist

LIFT by Selina takes a new approach to wellness, combining personalized fitness programs and Medical Exercise expertise to improve your quality of life. Whether you are recovering from injury or living with a chronic condition, we work with you to develop a safe and effective exercise programs.

LIFT by Selina specializes in exercise program design and implementation for Clients with obesity, hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, low back pain, or total joint replacements.