- Kristy G.

“I started seeing Selina for Medical Exercise (I have RA and other chronic pain issues) a few months ago and it’s made such a drastic difference in how I feel day to day. There’s no denying how much stronger I am, and my increased strength is resulting in decreased pain. She’s WONDERFUL to work with and always challenges me while also respecting what my body can do. So grateful for Selina!”

- Renee J.

“Selina is such a pro! She’s really great at what she does. I have multiple issues including herniated discs from a car accident. Her expertise really makes me feel safe and she knows how to help me adapt exercises to help me get the best results without exacerbating my injuries. She puts so much effort into personal training sessions too. Each session is truly personalized to MY needs. I could never get these results working out on my own!”

- Veronica T.

“Selina was always very encouraging and is very knowledgeable about common musculoskeletal ailments and other disease processes so she can make sure that you get a great workout but also do it in the safest manner. She also has a lot of expertise on nutrition and really helped me to lean up and start focusing on building more muscle. It was like a switch once she broke it all down for me! Highly recommend!”

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